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CaviDB is a database of cavities and their features in the structural and conformational space of proteins.

Ana Julia Velez Rueda, Franco Leonardo Bulgarelli, Nicolas Palopoli, Gustavo Parisi. doi:

CaviDB June 12 2022 - (Intial release)

Cavities prediction: fpocket 4.0.0

Cavities Characterization: propka 3.4.0, modlamp 4.3.0, localcider 0.1.19

Global Features Calculation: dssp 3.0.0, modlamp 4.3.0, localcider 0.1.19, biopython 1.78

AlphaFold Database Version 2 & 3


You can contact the Project Manager PhD. Ana Julia Velez Rueda

Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, Roque Saenz Peña 352, B1876BXD, Bernal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Phone: + 54 11 43657100 ext 5657